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Basketball League Rules


Official South Carolina High School League Rules


Timing Rules:

We will play two 20 minute halves in a running clock format. The clock will stop as in a regulation game on each whistle and be restarted as in a regular game the last 1 minute of the first half and the last 4 minutes of the second half. If there is a 20+ point lead, the clock will not stop. Overtime periods will be 3 minutes in length. If the game is still tied after 3 minutes, the players on the court will shoot free throws to decide the winner. All 5 players on the court from each team will get 1 shot. We will repeat this process until a winner is decided. Teams will be allowed 3 time outs per game. Timeouts may be carried over to overtime.


Foul Shots

We will shoot all foul shots.


Teams may sub in the back court when they have possession of the ball. (I.E. When the other team scores, you may sub while the ball is being brought up the court) or any dead ball. **This is not a normal rule so please ask for clarification if needed.

Team Captain

The team captain will be responsible for his team. Conduct and knowledge of the league's rules and regulations and the players code of conduct is required by the team captain.



1. Each team must submit player name, phone number and email address for each player on the team

2. The addition of a player to the roster must be made by submitting the player information by the 6th game of the season. No players added after the 6th game!



Teams using public gymnasium will be held responsible for the conduct of their players and fans while they are occupying the buildings.




A ten (10) minute grace period will be allowed before a forfeit may be claimed. This rule will apply only to the first game of an evening schedule.



1. Teams must have four (4) eligible players on the floor by scheduled game time or forfeit the game.

(Exception: See above rule - Forfeit time).

2. Any team using an ineligible player constitutes a forfeit.



No postponement of scheduled league games will be allowed. Teams must play when and where scheduled or forfeit their games.



Complete uniforms for teams are optional, but numbered jerseys are required and must be easily distinguishable from one another during the course of the game.




The league will provide the official game ball and score books.



Any team member found guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct or being abusive toward the official, the official timer / scorer, or any other person acting in an official capacity, will be subject to immediate suspension.

1. Any player being removed from the game for causes other than physical fighting will be eligible for his team's next league game.

2. A player being removed from the game because of physical fighting or flagrant violation of unsportsmanlike conduct shall be removed from the program and will be unable to participate.

3. If a player gets 2 technical fouls in a game, he will be suspended for the next game. If he gets 3 in a season, he will be suspended for the season.

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